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    The company, (hereinafter referred to as EYE Q EYEWEAR CORP.) a Delaware corporation, doing business as EYE Q EYEWEAR, of 3340 Scherer Drive Suite D, St Petersburg, Florida 33716, and the undersigned, do herby apply to establish a line of credit with an amount to be mutually agreed upon and hereby agree with the company's terms, conditions and policies as set forth below.

    I/We Agree:

    1. To pay all statements received from Eye Q Eyewear by the 10th day of the calendar month following the statement date.
    2. To contact Eye Q Eyewear immediately in the event of errors or inquiries regarding my account so that timely payment may still be made to Eye Q Eyewear by the 10th day of the calendar month following the statement date.
    3. To be responsible for saving all invoices received when merchandise is shipped. and to check these invoices against the statement sent on or about the 25th day of each month by Eye Q Eyewear.
    4. To be personally responsible for all charges incurred by the undersigned business.
    5. That if I am in default of any of the terms of this agreement, I will reimburse Eye Q Eyewear for any costs incurred in collection of the account, including but not limited to attorney's fees and cost to submit to Florida court jurisdiction, and/or commercial arbitration, at Eye Q Eyewear's election and to accept an arbitrator's determination as a final and binding adjudication.
    6. That I will hold harmless and indemnify Eye Q Eyewear against any claims that may be brought against Eye Q Eyewear in connection with any products purchased through Eye Q Eyewear.
    7. That laws of the state of Florida shall govern this agreement, and that both parties consent to the state of Florida. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties, and my not be modified or terminated except by written agreement signed by both parties.
    8. No claim for credit shall be accepted unless received in writing within (5) days after receipt of goods.
    9. Invoices not paid within 30 days will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% MONTHLY 18% APR. Until paid in full. Buyer to bear court costs and attorney's fees for case brought to collection.



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